Managing Relevance


SearchAssist manages relevance by allowing you to fine tune the search parameters and prioritize the results that are displayed to the end-user for each query. This helps in improving the search user experience by providing them with views and results that are most relevant and purposeful at the same time aligned to your business objectives.

You can customize search results by fine tuning the following elements. There are two aspects to managing relevance:

  1. The search components aspect:
    • Weights – Each field is assigned a weight that plays an important role in ranking the results, these can be altered to fine-tune the search relevance, refer to Adding Weights
    • Synonyms – Using Synonyms you can ensure that the Search Assistant identifies your user queries more effectively in a wider range. Refer Adding Synonyms
    • Stop Words – Some words might dilute or mislead the search results, marking these as Stop Words can improve the search efficacy. Refer Adding Stop Words
  2. The results prioritization aspect: 
    • Results Ranking  allows you to customize and preview the search results as per the business needs. Refer Results Ranking 
    • Facets provide users with an option to refine their search results by selecting appropriate filters by configuring Facets. Refer  Creating Facets
    • Business Rules allow you to define rules to personalize and fine-tune the search results based on contexts. Refer Adding Business Rules

Together both the preceding aspects make the search configuration.   

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