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Sources refer to the origins of the content to be mapped to your Search Assistant.  The Source page allows you to add and manage content from different sources. Organizational content is found in various formats and sizes including unstructured sources like documents, videos, PDFs, website content, emails, etc and structured sources like JSON, and CSV files.  Structured content is by nature organized and tagged but in unstructured files you have to annotate and tag the content to transform it for better interpretation by SearchAssist.    

Extract and ingest data into  your Search Assistant from diverse and multiple sources like enterprise web pages, and content files to search from. SearchAssist can integrate with your Virtual Assistant and list the services the Virtual Assistant is capable of performing.

SearchAssist allows you to map sources and add content in the following ways:

Content Sources: 

  • Crawl Web Domain  to extract and index content from single or multiple websites to prepare the content ready for search. Refer Adding Content by  Web Crawling
  • Upload File allows you to index data from files such as PDF, CSV, JSON, and Office suites so that the content is accessed through search. Refer Adding Content by File Upload
  • FAQs are a set of common questions that your users ask about your offerings namely products or services or processes.  Refer  FAQs Overview 
    • FAQs from a file
    • FAQs extracted from URLs 
    • Manually entered  
  • Structured Data is a set of objects of predefined length and type facilitating easy access and retrieval. Extract and format structured data like JSON or CSV structure and ingest into the Search Assistant. Refer  Adding Structured Data 

Action Sources: 

  • Virtual Assistants  Bot-Actions are a list of tasks or services that the Virtual Assistant is capable of driving. Virtual Assistants are the sources of their associated actions and can be linked to the Search Assistant. ReferLinking Virtual Assistant to Search Assistant