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Managing Search Assist Apps

This section summarizes the activities centered around your SearchAssist app, from creation to app maintenance. The Manage tab allows you to configure general settings, and manage the team.

Generate credentials and deploy the SearchAssist app in your preferred channel. You can monitor usage, billing matters, and select a plan.

General Settings

Configure or manage SearchAssist app settings. For more information, see Configuring General Settings.


Set destination for your SearchAssist app. For more information, see Adding Channels.


Configure Credentials to enable channels and API Scopes for your SearchAssist app. For more information, see Adding Search Assistant Credentials.


Manage members who collaborate on building and maintaining the SearchAssist app. For more information, see Collaborating with your Team.

Billing and Usage

Plan Details

Click Manage > Plan Details to see your current plan and available options. You can also see usage details.

Usage Log

Click Manage > Usage Log to see app usage details. You can also see pricing options designed to meet a variety of business needs. See Viewing Billing and Usage.


If you have any subscription plans, view the invoices here.