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Structured Data


Structuring data is a method to organize information into chunks of  predefined lengths and formats for general usage. For example, e-commerce applications have their data in the form of a product catalog in a JSON or a CSV file.The product details such as product name, price, color, description, etc., are stored in the form of structured data.

Structured data format of content makes it highly search engine friendly to retrieve precise information. SearchAssist allows the usage of structured data as a Content source. 

To add structured data, take the following steps:

  1. Click the Sources tab on the top.
  2. On the left pane, click Structured Data.
  3. On the Structured Data page, click + Add Data. You can add data in two ways:
    • Import Data
    • Add Manually

Note: To use the content for querying from structured data in CSV or JSON formats the corresponding fields have to be manually added and mapped in the Weights of Search.

SearchAssist Allows you to perform Advanced Search on Structured data.




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Structured Data

User queries sometimes lead to performing an action. For example, let us consider a banking customer searching for How to pay bills from his bank account. Instead of just answering the query, the user experience can be enhanced if the search assistant provided an option to pay the bill. You can accomplish this by linking the search application with a virtual assistant or a chatbot from the Kore.ai bots platform.


You can link virtual assistants build on the Kore.ai platform with the SearchAssist application. The following are the setup steps you need to complete from the Kore.ai platform:

  1. Build a virtual assistant catering to your needs, refer here for how.
  2. Enable the Webhook channel for the virtual assistant using the access token and post URL as shown in the below section. Refer here for enabling Webhook channel
  3. Make a note of the Client Id and Secret Id from the Kore.ai virtual assistant, after enabling the Webhook channel.

Link Bots

To perform the bot actions on the SearchAssist, you need your bots from the Kore.ai bots platform linked to the SearchAssist application. 

To link bots from the Actions tab, follow the below steps:

  1. On the left pane, under the Sources section, click the Actions tab.
  2. On the Bot Actions page, click Link a Bot.
  3. On the Link Bot dialog box, click the Link Bot button against the bot you wish to link.
  4. Enter the Client Id and the Secret Id from the virtual assistant as described in the previous section.
  5. Click Link.

Note: You can link only one bot with an application.


Once you have linked a bot, you can

  • View the bot and the associated tasks.
  • You can open the virtual assistant in the Kore.ai platform.
  • Edit Configuration in case of any changes from the Kore.ai platform.
  • Unlink bot.