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Manually Adding Structured Data 

To add one or more items to an imported catalogue use the  Add Manually option. To add Structured Data manually, take the following steps:

  1. On the Structured Data page, click + Add Data and select Add Manually from the dropdown.
  2. On the Add Manually dialog box, enter the code. For sample JSON code, click the {} icon on top-right. See the following details.
  3. Use the Indent option to let the application indent the code for you.
  4. Click Proceed.

Sample Files



    “firstName”: “Rack”,

    “lastName”: “jackson”,

    “gender”: “man”,

    “age”: 24,

    “address”: {

        “streetAddress”: “126 Udhna”,

        “city”: “san jone”,

        “state”: “CA”,

        “postalCode”: “394221”


    “phoneNumbers”: [

        { “type”: “home”, “number”: “7383627627” }




1,”Eldon Base for stackable storage shelf, platinum”,Muhammed MacIntyre,3,-213.25,38.94,35,Nunavut,Storage & Organization,0.8

2,”1.7 Cubic Foot Compact “”Cube”” Office Refrigerators”,Barry French,293,457.81,208.16,68.02,Nunavut,Appliances,0.58

3,”Cardinal Slant-D Ring Binder, Heavy Gauge Vinyl”,Barry French,293,46.71,8.69,2.99,Nunavut,Binders and Binder Accessories,0.39

4,R380,Clay Rozendal,483,1198.97,195.99,3.99,Nunavut,Telephones and Communication,0.58

5,Holmes HEPA Air Purifier,Carlos Soltero,515,30.94,21.78,5.94,Nunavut,Appliances,0.5

6,G.E. Longer-Life Indoor Recessed Floodlight Bulbs,Carlos Soltero,515,4.43,6.64,4.95,Nunavut,Office Furnishings,0.37

7,”Angle-D Binders with Locking Rings, Label Holders”,Carl Jackson,613,-54.04,7.3,7.72,Nunavut,Binders and Binder Accessories,0.38

8,”SAFCO Mobile Desk Side File, Wire Frame”,Carl Jackson,613,127.70,42.76,6.22,Nunavut,Storage & Organization,

9,”SAFCO Commercial Wire Shelving, Black”,Monica Federle,643,-695.26,138.14,35,Nunavut,Storage & Organization,

10,Xerox 198,Dorothy Badders,678,-226.36,4.98,8.33,Nunavut,Paper,0.38