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How to Extract FAQs from Files

Use the Extract FAQs option to extract all the FAQs that are listed in a PDF file or in web pages. 

To add FAQs through the Extract FAQs option, take the following steps:

  1. On the Sources page, click FAQs on the left pane.
  2. On the FAQs page, click the +Add FAQ and select Extract FAQs.
  3. In the Extract FAQs dialog box, enter a name in the Source Title field and a description in the Description field.
  4. Extract FAQs from a file: For file extraction – from the Extract from File section, drag and drop a file or click Browse to locate the PDF file.
  5. For the Extract from File option, Annotate and Extract the uploaded file to identify and include only the FAQs in that file. Refer How to Annotate & Extract FAQs from documents

In the Extract FAQs dialog box, find the extraction status. If required, cancel the extraction or click OK after the extraction is complete.