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Adding Conditional Responses

SearchAssist allows you to assign condition(s) to an approved FAQ specifying when a particular response would be qualified for a query. These conditions can be pre-set based on Search Context, Page Context, or User Context as per your business requirements.

You can Add multiple conditions and they will be applied simultaneously i.e, AND-ed making the search more granular, personalized and business-friendly.

  1. Turn on the Conditions toggle under the desired Response.
  2. Select a context from the Select Context dropdown and set the corresponding Parameters to specific values namely contain/not-contain or value equals/not-equals.
    • Use Search Context to fetch search responses based on the following search parameters:
      • Recent Searches
      • Current Search
      • Traits identified in the user utterance
      • Entity extracted from the user utterance
      • Keyword presence in the user utterance
    • Use Page Context¬† to present search results based on the following page parameters:
      • form factor of the device being used by the user like mobile, tablet or laptop
      • the browser on which the user submitts the query like Chrome, Safari, etc.
      • current page
      • recent pages
    • Apply User Context to personalize the search experience based on the user profile be it a customer or the prospect or the employee. You can share the relevant information of the users with SearchAssist and leverage it to custom organize the search results.
      For example, in an e-Commerce scenario you can pass a customer’s recent orders to boost the relevant results that might interest the customer.