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Developer’s corner

This guide helps developers deploy and integrate their SearchAssist app on their website or a channel. The SearchAssist platform includes an SDK along with a tutorial and associated API documentation. 

This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide for setting up and running an instance of the SearchAssist Web SDK, which is a collection of libraries that you can use to integrate a SearchAssist app with your other web applications.


Follow these steps prior to installing and configuring the SearchAssist Web SDK.

  • Build a SearchAssist app for integration  To get started, you need to develop a SearchAssist app on  the SearchAssist platform in business user mode and then configure the SearchAssist app to run in the Web/Mobile Client channel. 
  • Create a New Credential  You need to create a credential while configuring the Web/Mobile client channel. 
  • Configure Web/Mobile Client channel  To use the SearchAssist app with the Web SDK, you must configure the app for the Web/Mobile Client channel using the credentials created in the preceding step. 
  • Copy the following details from the Web/Mobile client details page
    • Search Assistant Name
    • Search Assistant ID
    • Client ID
    • Client secret ID
    • Search ID


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