SearchAssist – Overview

SearchAssist is the world’s first conversational search engine. We combine natural language understanding with intelligent virtual assistant actions to give your users a contextualized search experience that is proactive and personalized. The result is a better search experience for users and measurable progress towards your business goals.

Most search engines rely solely on keyword criteria. Going beyond keywords, SearchAssist includes natural language or utterances and discovers user intent. The result is superior search relevance and a more fulfilling search journey.’s unique no-code/low-code approach to search can improve the user journey and contribute to the bottom line. Here are a few use cases on how SearchAssist can help your business. 

  1. Search for E-commerce and Retail
    Drive sales, qualify leads, and increase conversions by generating search results that align more closely with search intent. Possible deployments include e-commerce sites and apps, merchandisers, and product catalog owners. 
  2. Search for Websites, Portals, and Apps
    Use better search results to provide employees with the right knowledge. A superior employee experience (EX) can improve productivity with work enablement. Deployment options include large enterprises, intranet website content owners, and process owners. 
  3. Search for Knowledge Portal
    Give customer support agents the information they need to solve product or process problems and answer user questions. Quick access to the right information, or a decision tree, can lead to a superior customer experience. 
  4. Search for Enterprise
    Large organizations typically have distributed sets of unlinked content. Imagine a multi-national company with project files stored on thousands of Google drive folders, human resource content stored on private servers, plus tens of thousands (perhaps millions) of emails and internal documents. Until recently it was impossible to run fast and accurate company-wide content searches.