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Designing the Search Experience

This step helps you design the search app’s interface. Click Start Designing and follow the workflow as it moves through four steps. To learn more, see Designing Search Experience.

  1. With the Indices > Experience tab selected, choose an option: Search Bar (Search Bar at the top) or Search Assistant (Search Bar at the bottom of the page).
  2. Click the Search Widget tab.
  3. Enter a new label (optional).
  4. Click the Interactions tab. 
  5. Enter a new greeting. (optional)
  6. Click the Results Feedback tab.  
  7. Enable end-user feedback. (The default setting is disabled).
  8. Click the Done button.


  1. Click Test to experience the search before fine-tuning the SearchAssist app.
  2. Click Let’s start on the next page. (Or click the Test button on the top menu)
  3. Type a keyword or phrase in the field.
  • SearchAssist displays a list of results.

On the results page, you can customize rank results for each URL.

  1. Click the Customize button. 
  2. Hover the mouse on the WEB Response icon. 
  3. Click an icon to choose an option: Hide, Pin, Boost, or Lower. 
  4. Click the X icon to save the customizations and close the Test page.

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