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Deployment Scenarios

Apps created in SearchAssist can be deployed in the following scenarios:

  1. Business User Enablement: Business users of E-Commerce sites, apps, or merchandisers or product catalog owners  in the retail domain: 
    • Fast Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG) vertical 
    • prospective OEMs aiming for Direct to Consumer(D2C)
    • aggregators, including from both the preceding
    • Ride hailing apps 

      In all the preceding scenarios business is trying to enhance Customer Experience(CX), position some products, marketing offers, by building and deploying a customized search app onto their D2C channels.  Additionally you can apply customized  and specific business rules for each of the preceding scenarios providing better search experience to your customers and facilitating more conversions. Refer SearchAssist for E-Commerce. 

  2. Employee Work Enablement: Enterprise intranet website content owners, process owners trying to enhance Employee Experience(EX) and productivity to enable employees to perform better search and gain knowledge that enables their work. Refer  SearchAssist for Enterprise websites. 
  3. Customer Support Agent Enablement: Customer support executives doing Knowledge search for product and/or process knowledge to provide better support calls leading to better CX. Refer SearchAssist for Knowledge Search.
  4. Developer Enablement: Developers can integrate at API level and invoke search SearchAssist capabilities from code level and integrate to their preferred channels,  website and/or apps.  Refer to  Developer’s Corner.