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Prerequisites & Best Practices

You can design unique SearchAssist apps for different environments, business purposes, regions. If your SearchAssist app runs in different environments, use different sets of data and configurations. 

For example, when you run your SearchAssist app on a staging website, map it to test data instead of production data. When you work on a staging version of your website, avoid hitting your production index for privacy concerns and to prevent viewing skewed analytics.

There are two ways to split your search implementation for each environment:

  1. Separate environments with different indices on the same SearchAssist.
  2. Create multiple SearchAssist apps, and use a dedicated index for each environment.

Choose the option that best meets the isolation level you need to create between the environments.

Best Practices

To maximize SearchAssist’s value, we recommended the following content preparation steps: 

  • Create well-organized FAQs that map multiple questions to unique answers.
  • Enable permissions to crawl (robot.txt).