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Ranking Results


As a business user you may have the need to promote certain products based on a context or a mandate and position certain results in certain places in the order of appearance. SearchAssist allows you to finetune the search results based on your business priorities, either hide/unhide, or boost or lower certain results. 

Example in an e-commerce scenario, you may have to push marketing offers like combo deals, quantity discounts, time bound offers. SearchAssist allows you to prioritize and position the required results relative to  others to get the attention of your customers. You can also choose to hide/unhide a product page depending on the availability or the lack of that particular item.

Also in an enterprise website knowledge search scenario, certain regulatory notification needs to be on the top of all the results of some queries to ensure proper visibility of that regulation which could impact process  areas concerned; example COVID protocol from govt in public places.    

Results Ranking is an interactive and visual way to customize ranking order in which search results appear. The SearchAssist platform allows you to fine-tune results using the test-as-you-build feature without the need to deploy the app and visualize results. You can both preview and customize the search results as you build. Refer How to Customize Results Ranking.


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