A skill group aggregates similar agent skills. For example, Sales is a skill group, and skills such as up-selling, cross-selling, and presales are sub-groups. A skill group and skill can have the same name, but only unique skills are included in a skill group.

Add a New Skill Group

To add a new skill group, follow these steps:

1. Click the Skills menu option under ROUTING.

2. Click the + New Skill Group button to create a new skill group.

3. In the Add New Skill Group window, provide inputs for the following:

    • Skill Group Name – The skill group name for identification.
    • Description – The skill group description to understand its context.
    • Skill Group Point – Helps define the importance/priority level of this skill group against other skill groups.
    • Enable Individual Skill Points – If enabled, points are allocated to individual skills mapped to a group to define its priority.

4. Click Create to complete the process.

5. A success confirmation message is displayed once the new skill group is created.

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