SmartAssist lets you configure Q&A and Conversations’ use cases, and customize chat and call experiences.

Use Cases are fundamental building blocks for SmartAssist. A use case is defined as the user intent that must be addressed by the application.

The first step in setting up your SmartAssist is to identify and define various Use Cases that you want to support. You can set up a potential user intent and define the interaction between the user and SmartAssist. Use Cases can be configured for simple tasks like asking for directions to your business or for more advanced activities like asking for order status or initiating refunds.

Use Case Benefits

  • Easy categorization of questions and responses for chats and calls.
  • Inclusion of multiple variants of Q&As and their utterances.
  • Add more utterances to the existing list, based on actual customer interactions.
  • Customize call and chat experience flows to accelerate positive interactions.

Types of Use Cases

Use Cases are classified into two types:

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