After you set up use cases, default experiences, and other SmartAssist settings, you can test the SmartAssist experience with the SmartAssist testing tab. 

The testing tab provides you an option to preview or simulate the experience of your customers using SmartAssist. You can simulate a phone call or a chat message and run through the required automation and deflection scenarios up until the pre-transfer messages. Along with the preview, you can see the chat log detailing, messages exchanged, and the intent identified and executed.

You must deploy SmartAssist before you can start testing the Use Cases.

Following are the typical scenarios that you can test quickly using the testing feature: 

Default Experience

You can set up defaults easily within SmartAssist. This helps you to simulate the customer experience and resolve any non-obvious issues with your default flows quickly using the testing feature. 

Deflection Experience

You can simulate a deflection experience within the testing section with its support for both voice and chat channels. 

Automation Use Cases

You can test any scenarios with the testing feature if you have set up any automation use cases within SmartAssist. With the keypad, you can simulate customer inputs and other similar flows easily.

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