Analytics for agent conversations in SmartAssist is divided into two sections

The dashboard can be filtered for the following time selections.

Today The current day’s data is displayed. 
Yesterday  The previous day’s data is displayed. 
Last 7 days  The data for the past 7 days from the current day is displayed. 
Last 28 days The data for the past 28 days from the current day is displayed.
Last 90 days The data for the past 90 days from the current day is displayed
Custom range  Helps explicitly select the start and end dates from the calendar widget for any previous months/years.


The dashboard section helps analyze the KPIs of the Current Day, System Date Ranges, or Custom Date Range. 


The Dashboard displays data for the selected time frame across the call, chat, and email channels. You can also explicitly select a date and time range of other days to view data. The following metrics are covered in this section:

  • Active Conversations – Displays the number of active or ongoing conversations with customers for an agent.
  • Closed – Displays the number of closed customer conversations of an agent.
  • Idle Conversations – Displays the number of Idle conversations where customers did not respond or continue the conversation with the agent after a conversation was initiated.
  • Abandoned – Displays the stats for abandoned conversations where customers abandoned or closed the conversation with an agent midway.
  • Chat Deflection and Callback Option – Displays the counts for the total chat deflections that happened for an agent. Here, you will also find the total number of callback requests made by the customers waiting in the service queue.
  • Queue Size – Displays the total queue size. Within the given queue size graph the count for voice calls and chat queue sizes are displayed for an agent. A color legend distinguishes Voice and chat conversations (red color for Voice calls and blue for chats).
  • Average Queue Wait Time – Represents the average queue wait time of a customer handled by an agent.
  • Count of Users in Queue/Active Conversations – Managers can view the number of users in the waiting queue or participating in active conversations.  You can view a combined summary graph or individual graphs for chat, email, and voice call.
  • Skills on Demand – The skill with the highest customer demand with bubble size being a representation of the activity.
  • Average First Response in Chat – The Avg. First Response in the Chat panel indicates the average time an agent takes to provide the first response to a customer query over chat.
  • Overall Performance of Chat Agents – The performance of a chat agent can be measured using the overall handle time. The following metrics are shown.
  • Avg. First Response Time- The time taken by an agent to initiate a chat conversation with the customer once the chat request is triggered.
  • Avg. Agent Response TimeThe time taken by an agent to respond to a query or conversation with the customer during an ongoing chat session.
  • Avg. Customer Response TimeThe time taken by an agent to respond to a query or conversation with the customer during an ongoing chat session.
  • Avg. Pickup Time in Call – The average time taken to pickup a customer call once it has been landed into an agent queue.
  • Overall Performance of Call Agents: It displays the following metrics:
    • Avg. pick up time: The average pick up time of a customer call. 
    • Avg. Engagement time: The average time spent by agents in engaging with a customer.
    • Avg. Mute time: The average time an agent places the customer call on mute. 
    • Avg. of Total Handle Time: The average of the Avg. Pick up time+ Avg. Engagement time+ Avg. Mute time of all the agents.
  • Avg. CSAT –  Average of all customer satisfaction scores for a specific agent.
  • Conversations by Resolution type –  Count of conversations split up by status (Resolved, Unresolved, Transferred, Drop-off) 
  • Agent by Resolution Type – Count of conversations split up by agent and status (Resolved, Unresolved, Transferred, Drop-off)

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