SmartAssist is an end-to-end, conversational AI-native contact center as-a-service solution. The platform provides an intuitive, omnichannel solution for inbound customer calls and chats.

It’s customer intent-driven and available in both cloud and on-premises deployment modes.

Built on top of the Virtual Assistant platform, SmartAssist integrates an enterprise-grade automation platform and a fully-featured agent desktop module to deliver a diverse and superior customer experience.

SmartAssist allows you to set up a cloud contact center where you can integrate your existing telephony or build an automation framework from scratch. You can also deploy chat on your website to cater digitally and remotely to your customers’ needs.

Here’s an overview of SmartAssist’s features and components.

Why SmartAssist?

In any growing business today, customer service centers have agents handling support transactions. These agents are often overburdened with the surging call volumes. SmartAssist resolves the following challenges using rich data and insight analytics, and system automation.

  • Customer call drops
  • Increased wait times
  • Inefficient multi-channel monitoring
  • Agent workloads
  • Inconsistent end-customer experience

With SmartAssist’s Agent Desktop, you can achieve the following:

  • Design intent-based customer experiences and automation flows on the call and chat channels based on business rules to minimize call drops. 
  • Configure and customize queue settings to reduce customer wait times and improve service turnaround.
  • Make better decisions by leveraging analytics for customer conversations that based on intents, dialogs, and utterances.
  • Measure and improve agent performance using skills and performance-based metrics, and automatically distribute workload among available agents.
  • Gain better visibility on customer experience workflows like Agent Transfer, Voice, and IVR Automation, Inbound and Outbound conversations, standard responses, and waiting experiences.
  • Configure agent groups, agent skills and skill groups, hours of operations, and roles.
  • Create customer surveys to gauge their experiences and implement service improvements.

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