Sources refer to web pages or files from which the information is obtained. SearchAssist supports federated search that searches for information in multiple sources from enterprise records to web pages. It extracts data from various sources and indexes the relevant items to make the content search-ready. 

The Source page allows you to add and manage sources. You can add and manage sources through:

  • Content – Content refers to the external sources of documents that the SearchAssist application parses and adds to the search index. For more information, refer to Content.
  • FAQs – The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are a list of common questions that your customers ask about your products or services. For more information, refer to FAQs.
  • Bot Actions – Bot Actions are a list of tasks that are performed by the linked virtual assistant. For more information, refer to Bot Actions.
  • Structured Data – Structured data is a method to organize information about a page, classify the content on the page, and communicate it within that organized structure. For more information, refer to Structured Data.

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