The dashboard gives an overview of the application. It displays the analytical data based on total users, total searches, result rate, clicks, and average click position

To access the dashboard, follow the below steps:

  • Click the Analytics tab on the top and select Dashboard from the drop-down list.

The following table gives the details of the dashboard metrics:



Total Users The number of unique users performed search during the selected period.
Total Searches The total number of searches performed during the selected period.
Result Rate Percentage of searches that returned at least one result.
Clicks The number of searches where at least one result was clicked by the search user.
Average Click Position Helps you place the right results in the right position.
Search Trends It gives an overview of the Total Searches, Searches with Result, and Searches with Clicks.
Top Search Queries with No Result Top searched intent with no results.
Top Search Results Top searched intent with results.
Most Clicked Position Position at which the search results were clicked by end-users the most number of times.

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