The analytics feature of the SearchAssist application provides real-time, interactive, and smart insights about the application’s operational intelligence. Analytics is built with out-of-the-box dashboards that you can use instantly. These dashboards provide analysis to measure the performance of the application.

In SearchAssist, Analytics provides an overview of various metrics as a measurement to compare and track the performance of the application. These metrics can be further categorized as follows:

  • Analytics would include the metrics related to the usage of the search assist application:
    • Dashboard – The dashboard gives an overview of the application. It displays the analytical data based on total users, total searches, result rate, clicks, and average click position. For more information, refer to Dashboard.
    • User Engagement – The User Engagement feature displays the user engagement data such as User Trends, User Volume, etc. For more information, refer to User Engagement.
  • Insights give details related to search queries and results, providing an insight into the usefulness of the search results:
    • Search Insights – It provides a quick overview of various metrics such as top search queries with results and queries without results. For more information, refer to Search Insights.
    • Results Insights – Results Insights provide valuable information on metrics related to the results giving you an understanding of the user expectations such as Appearances, Number of Clicks, Click-through Rate, and Average Position. For more information, refer to Results Insights.
  • Experiments help you in assessing the impact of certain aspects of the index and search configurations. You can create experiments with multiple index and search configurations to evaluate which one is more effective. For more information, refer to Experiments.

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